Why You Should Be Tracking Your Social Stats

Social platforms as marketing tools are the new normal in the advertising and digital marketing world. Instead of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (and so on), being a suggestion for brands and businesses, it has become the standard. So if social is the new standard, we have to make sure we understand how they’re being used in order to use them right.

The best way to understand how your social platforms are working, and if they’re even working at all, is to look at the information you can extract from them. We’ve discussed what stats you should be looking at from an overview, and now we want to dig deeper and explain why these stats (as well as some others) matter.

The overarching theme for why you should be tracking your stats can be broken down into three key points: tracking your progress, gauging what works, and driving efficiency.

Measuring Growth

Demonstrating your growth across social platforms is as easy as tracking a handful of specific numbers and is extremely important when exploring and explaining your online footprint.

Two big metrics businesses and brands use to track growth are follower count and engagement/engagement rates. When you track these numbers, you are able to see not only how your audience is growing in size, but also if your content is resonating with your current and new audience. In an article published by Adweek, CEO of Socialbakers Robert Lang declared that “user attention is the new currency of success.” Follower growth, engagement, and engagement rates* are benchmark numbers that demonstrate how well your content is being consumed across platforms.

*Engagement rate is expected to either stay steady or see only slight increases because of how it is calculated. As your follower count increases, your engagement should increase. Since follower count and engagement are the numbers used to calculate engagement rate, change of engagement rate shouldn’t be expected.

Analyzing your Audience

Using your social media analytics to analyze your audience can only work to your advantage. Each platform has native insights that provide you a closer look at who your audience is – showing gender, age, location, and more (depending on the platform). Set a determined time, whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, to actually look at WHO your content is reaching and how your audience shifts & adjusts as you grow.

By looking at, tracking, and analyzing this information, you can make more informed decisions on what type of content you should be creating and posting. This will help you save time and money in the long run, which is always a smart business move!

Comparing Content Across Platforms

Not all platforms are created equally, and the same goes for content. It’s really crucial to see what content performs well on what platforms. A post that succeeds on Instagram, might not excel on Twitter and vice versa. Look at the content you are sharing on each of your platforms and analyze which types of content perform the best. Use that information to strategize and brainstorm new ways you can incorporate that type of post into your overall content strategy.

Reach and Results of Posts

With social media, it’s much easier and cheaper to test new types of content or experiment with content that you believe your audience will be drawn to. Because each individual post has it’s own reach & stats, you can easily track the success of a new venture or new content type. For example, if you want to add in a quote template to your content strategy, you would post one or two over a period of 1-2 weeks and track how your audience responds. If they are successful, then you know to continue including them going forward.

An important thing to keep in mind: if you drastically shift the types of content that you are pushing out, your audience may not respond positively in the initial phase. This is because they’re used to the types of content that you used to produce. We recommend keeping with your new strategy and vision, bear with the bad stats for a short period of time and attract the new audience that you are trying to attract. Hang in there! Sometimes a new strategy takes a little while to catch on.

Tracking social stats is something we recommend for all brands and businesses, no matter what size. Even if it’s just a document or spreadsheet that notes a few stats each week, tracking these numbers will give you invaluable insight into your digital marketing initiatives.

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

Have some of your own suggestions for tracking stats? Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.

Meet Nora: Digital Specialist

How long have you worked at Something Social?

I’ve officially been at Something Social for one year as of the other month! Hitting my first milestone here.

Tell us about a day in the life of a digital specialist.

One of the best parts about working with a smaller team is that no matter what role you’re in, you get to be hands on with a lot of different projects. So, on a day to day basis I manage our data analytics and work with Marissa to handle inbound marketing initiatives. However, being at Something Social has also allowed me to improve my Photoshop and Illustrator skills, become a (very basic) photographer, and learn about account management.

In your spare time you…

Box and cook, which for the most part, are two relatively new hobbies for me. They help me challenge different parts of my brain – a more creative side and a more controlled side.

Something Social is basically a one-stop shop for all content management and creation for clients. How do you manage it all and where do you draw your inspiration from for content?

Pinterest!! Still learning all the intricacies of it but I love it. I feel like I’m flipping through a magazine, but that magazine is a compilation of all of the thoughts in my head.  

What’s your favorite thing about working for Something Social?

My coworkers. I moved across the country a year ago when I started at Something Social, so there were a lot of moments where I could have felt a little lost and alone. They never even gave me a chance to feel like that – they’ve become like family to me within my time at Something Social. And in turn, that’s made me a more productive worker.

Your dream job would be (besides a Digital Specialist at Something Social of course)…

Working at a dog shelter or being a spy. Both seem like dream worlds. Maybe more-so the spy one, though.

What is your idea of the perfect gram?

I can honestly say I am pretty bad with keeping any sort of consistency or theme on my Instagram. The one thing I do love the look of is flash photography. So maybe a puppy who has his or her eyes closed so they don’t get hurt by the flash – that sounds like the perfect photo.

Favorite place in LA?

Fitbox Studio. This is where I go for said boxing mentioned above. The studio is family-owned and operated so it feels like you’re working out with people who are always looking out for you. They’ve helped me through some transitional periods in my life, so I’m really thankful I found them. I try and work out there at least three times a week, so there’s a good chance if you ask me where I am, the answer will be Fitbox.

Follow Nora on  INSTAGRAM.

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Mindfulness at Work

When we think of mindfulness, we’re quick to avoid equating it with our offices. We’re a generation that is built on and thrives off technological advances and social media interaction. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make ourselves more efficient, and in the past we’ve placed that responsibility on technological developments. If our inbox is cluttered, we download an extension to sort through and prioritize our emails. If our calendar is so booked that finding open time slots is a hassle, we send people a link to look through our calendar and book themselves a time that we have open.

But recently we’ve seen a new wave of mindfulness in the workplace, and it’s a type of mindfulness we fully support at Something Social. Instead of finding new ways to enhance your experience online, we do our best to unplug and appreciate the productivity that comes from being offline. Between all the different ways to stay connected, it’s so easy to lose sight of focus, goals, and productivity.

However, we also know it’s easier said than done. Since we know how taking a step back from being online helps us as a team, we want to share our tips with you.

Weekly Team Meetings

These are the foundation of our core values at Something Social. We meet weekly to discuss major team goals, updates on clients, new initiatives, and more. While it may seem really easy to do all of this while also being on your laptop and phone, we make sure we don’t waste this time by fully focusing on the conversation. We leave our laptops and phones at our desks. Oftentimes, we’ll also take a few moments to discuss personal goals as well as professional, which helps us tie our work to our personal growth.

Ironically, one of the things that most helps us stay mindful is a piece of technology – the Bamboo Folio. The Folio lets us write meeting notes and ideas with a pen on any paper and then save the work as a digital file with the touch of a button. Once it’s digitized, you can access the notes from anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your favorite notebook at home! You can also convert your handwritten notes to text from your phone with the Inkspace app (no retyping needed!) and of course, you can update your saved notes at any time.

Goal Development

As mentioned above, we like to take time to discuss our goals as a team. We’re big believers in supporting personal development, because we know that employees are not just robots programmed to churn out work. We’re the best versions of ourselves when we’re supported by our surroundings.

Team Outings

While it’s great to unplug during meetings and team discussions in the office, we also place a high value on team bonding activities outside of the office. When you know you can rely on your team outside of the office, it’s easier to know you can rely on them inside of the office as well. It’s also a great chance for you to put the phones away and learn about different ways to connect without a screen involved. You’ll be triggering a new side of creativity your brain may have turned off in front of the computer.

For more information on Mindful Meetings and how to have them, visit Bamboo’s website. You can also learn more about the Bamboo Folio here.

Written by our Founder + Creative Director, Calli Cholodenko.

We want to hear about how you get mindful in and out of the office. Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial and use #MindfulMeetings.

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Social Media Stats You Should Be Looking At

Numbers don’t lie, but there are definitely numbers that carry more weight than others in the grand scheme of things. Not to play favorites, but Instagram stats definitely have a hierarchy. Between bots and purchased followers, it’s hard to keep track of what is and isn’t important when looking at statistics.

You should be looking at stats for a variety of reasons – whether it be working with an influencer, checking your client’s stats, or checking your own, the numbers provided can shed a lot of light on the success of a page or post.


Engagement is the number one stat you should be looking at. Engagement is calculated in a few ways, the most popular being engagement rate. Engagement rate, as defined by Origami Logic, is “the measure of quality or efficiency of a post and is calculated as engagement volume divided by the number of users or events that could have triggered the action.” So why is this the most important number?

Engagement rate essentially tells you what percentage of your audience interacts with your posts. Whether it be through likes, comments, retweets, or shares, engagement rate displays how many users are actually engaging with your content, not just seeing it. If you could use any stat to demonstrate ROI, this would be the one.

Making up the engagement rate is your likes, comments, retweets, and shares. Those numbers are important on their own, but individually do not hold the same weight as your engagement rate. These numbers are definitely important to look at, but you should always total your engagement rate as well!


This number is going to tell you how many people your post is reaching (duh). The important thing to note, is that each person is only counted once. So if John Doe sees your post six times, and he’s the only one who sees it, your reach will only be one.


This is where that “seeing your post six times” number comes in. The number of impressions is calculated by how many people are seeing your post and every single time that they looked at it. If John Doe & Jane Doe look at your post six times each, your impressions number would be 12 and your reach would be 2.

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

Let us know if you have any questions about your social media stats! Tweet us  @somethingsoc_la or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.


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The Buyer’s Journey: Converting Followers into Customers in a Digital Age

Navigating the online space can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to engage with consumers through a screen. The journey of a purchase has dramatically shifted from its original in-store, in-person style to an online venture. According to Mary Meeker’s annual KPCB Internet Trends Report from 2017, U.S. adults spend more than three hours per day interacting with digital media on their mobile devices, which means that your social advertising strategy has to be stronger than it has ever been before. Below is some insight into the stages of a buyer’s journey, as well as the type of content we recommend using in the digital space to accompany each stage in order to see the best ROI.


Your consumer has realized they have a need. Whether it be a product, an idea, or a service, there is now a level of need that needs to be satisfied. This content should be informational, not promotional. You want to fill an empty space for your consumer who is currently at the beginning stages of their buying journey. Think about different ways in which you can provide educational information about the broader topic of what you’re trying to sell.

For example, if you’re selling juices and someone is looking for “new ways to improve overall health”, this is the perfect stage to provide information about why healthy eating and drinking can better a person’s lifestyle. The less specific to your brand and the more specific to the general message the consumer is trying to learn more about, the higher the chance you have at carrying them to the next stage in their journey.

Examples: eBooks, blog posts, shared news articles.



This is the stage in which the consumer will now look at products, ideas, or services that fulfill their needs. Circling back to the juice example, after a consumer researches “new ways to improve overall health” and finds information on the benefits of drinking green juice, they’re more likely to now take it one step further and research brands that can provide them with this product.

This content should be more catered to what you’re trying to sell. Feel free to pull from your competition in order to demonstrate what you have, as this is the stage where you’re trying to show consumers why they should buy from you over other brands. However, you still want to err on the side of informational. You should be informing your consumers as to why your products, ideas, or services will best suit their needs. A great way to do this is to explain how it will make their lives easier.

Examples: Brand-specific creative content for social media platforms, competition comparisons.



This is the last stage and arguably the most important when discussing ROI. You’ve provided the consumer with information, showed them how your product will help, now what? Instead of just sitting back and hoping they pick you, use this time to offer incentives to work with you. Whether it is a promotional price, an added service, or even a more personalized shopping experience, making the consumer feel like working with you is the best decision will be the step that brings in the ROI.

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

We’d love to hear about some of your favorite marketing campaigns. Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.


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Influencer Marketing 101

Influencer Marketing 101: What you need to know before starting an influencer marketing campaign

In the new world of digital and social media marketing, we’ve seen influencer marketing explode as a way for brands and companies to get their products and services introduced to new markets. This new form of advertising has only just begun and because of that, there is a lot of gray area. It can be confusing to determine if your brand should launch an influencer partnership initiative or which influencers you should target for your promotion. We’re breaking it down below, starting with the basics.

First of all, what is an influencer?

An influencer is anyone in the digital space that has a following, or an audience, that you are trying to attract.

How many followers does someone need to have for them to be considered an influencer?

This number varies and is a matter of opinion. Typically, we only work with individuals who have at least 10k followers on Instagram. But, for some brands, or some initiatives, someone with a smaller following could be a better fit for a brand. For example, a female influencer with a smaller following of 6k probably isn’t the best fit for a national beauty brand looking to increase sales from their online store, but would be a great fit for a local coffee shop looking to increase their customer base and spread brand awareness.

Is that what a micro-influencer is?

Yes. We define micro-influencers as someone who has a unique following of 5k to 50k. They usually have one central topic that their blog, account, or community revolves around whether it be fashion, fitness, health, beauty etc. We often find that the followers of micro-influencers are more engaged and trusting of the influencer’s brand recommendations.

What are the pros of an influencer marketing campaign?

Generating unique content. Increased brand awareness. Targeting new and niche audiences. Increased impressions and reach.

A great example of this is by @She_Went_West. @She_Went_West partnered with medical boutique, Facile, and posted about her visit to their office. The post accomplished all of the above for Facile and helped provide @she_went_west with amazing skincare.

How much should I pay each influencer to post about my brand?

This number varies based on two different factors: how big your budget is and how large of a following an influencer has.

What if I don’t have a large budget but I want to launch an influencer campaign?

A lot of brands don’t have the budget to pay for sponsored posts or influencer partnerships. Ask yourself what else you have to offer. Can you package your product nicely and gift it to some influencers with the hope that they’ll post it on their social media? Can you offer them anything else in exchange for a post on social? Requirements for someone to post vary per person.

Influencer marketing might not be right for every brand but we find it to be one of the most beneficial tools in growing a brand’s audience, engagement and sales. However, while influencer marketing is now an important part of any overall marketing strategy, it isn’t the only necessary component. Influencer marketing should be just one subset of your overall marketing campaign. Brands still need to focus on creating unique and original high-quality content, generating a community on their social platforms and having top-notch customer service. All of these things work together to create a well-balanced and successful digital marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing is a shifting space. Have a question? Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.

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Someone Social: Jennifer Jaden

How has social media helped you grow your business?

Social media has been a huge impact in my life and business. I grew up using myspace, aol & dare I say chat rooms… “Your true self, your first email address.” Social media is your medium to the world and you can find, connect and engage with people all around the globe in an instant! Kinda cool when you think about it. I love how I can find people with similarities and connect with them. I use Instagram the most and I honestly meet the most incredible people because of it!

What accomplishment are you most proud of with Societygal?

The fact that I have been able to connect so many women and given people a place to collaborate. So many collaborations and friendships have come from the community so that would definitely have to be the greatest accomplishment.

Where do you see the future of social media headed?

I really think people want to see peoples authentic lives — video is where its headed. People want more and they want to get to know other people on a deeper lever than just photos.

As far as businesses go on social media you HAVE to create a community aspect with your brand. People want the experience not just the product.

Women empowerment and inclusivity are key conversations right now. How do these tie into your brand and why are they important to you?

I feel like I was raised to support each other and especially women. I have always been such a collaborator in everything that I do — so it really just comes naturally to me. I love the saying “women supporting women is not a trend.” Although it may be a hot topic now I choose to believe it’s not a trend but rather an up-leveling of women everywhere. We are all in this together and there needs to be more love & support in this world.

What would be your dream project to work on?

I would love to do more traveling and trainings around the globe. That is my goal for this next year! I really feel blessed to be able to truly work from wherever so I really want to take advantage of that!

Where do you find inspiration?

I am really inspired by people who are really going out in the world and making a difference. I get so inspired when I see others stepping outside of their comfort zone and really taking time to help others. I aspire to do that more!

Favorite Instagram accounts?

@somethingsocial of course! @mariannahewitt and @theskinnyconfidential too.

Favorite secret spot in LA?

So recently my BF & I have been going to a place called EP & LP — they have a summer rooftop movie series. It’s so awesome; we watched grease a few weeks ago. It’s definitely a summer must! Nothing like watching a movie under the stars.

Favorite piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t internalize things. Simple but so important.

Latte or cold brew?

I am all about the decaf life – ice please!

Leave us with an Instagram caption you love.

Good things come to people who wait, better things come to those who go out and get them!


Interview by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

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8 Key Social Media Tips from Calli Cholodenko

Founder of Something Social, Calli Cholodenko, has been described as a social media maven who knows just how to stay ahead of the curve. Since she is our boss, we can confirm that Calli is all of that and more (we promise we’re not just being biased). We know how much we love her, and we’re so excited that after today, you can all get to know her and love her too, via The LadyGang Podcast.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast episode, we’ve rounded up eight key takeaways to help you up your social game thanks to @Calli.

Keep it consistent and authentic.

Everyone is going to be doing something different, and that’s okay. Not everything works for every brand/person. Social media is not one size fits all. We constantly see different looks and aesthetics and as long as they fit your brand and voice, that’s the one you should be going with. Choose the one that fits you.

Answer the questions – “Who am I?” “What am I trying to put out there?”

This is so important when trying to figure out what content to post. There are a lot of things that are fun, cute, or relatable, but do they fit with what you’re trying to share online? There is a time and a place for everything, and your social posts should address these questions when picking content. It even applies across platforms – the content you post on Instagram might not be the same for the content you post on Twitter or Facebook. It’s all a matter of figuring out what you’re trying to say.

Plan out your feed.

We can’t stress this enough! We’ve written a previous post on this exploring different ways for you to plan your feed, but we’ll elaborate again now because it is so important. Take the time out of your day every two weeks or so and plan out your content. There’s obviously going to be the random posts that have to get thrown in last minute sometimes, but the extra time you take to plan will really help create a cohesive statement throughout your social media.

There is value in having a business profile, even if your engagement looks slightly different.

So unfortunately, if you’re a business profile, Instagram’s new algorithm pushes all of your content to the bottom. This is why people running business pages may complain about lower engagement. However, we prefer having a business profile and taking the lower engagement for our clients because with a business account you can see Instagram Insights (a.k.a. analytics), and that’s honestly more valuable. What does that mean? It means you can see when your audience is most active, what’s performing the best, the demographics of your audience and more. This information will provide you with the right guidance in ensuring your posts are reaching the right demographics of people – therefore translating into more engagement, higher chance of sales, etc.

Be clever with your captions.

This is where you have your moment to display your voice. Use it wisely. Literal captions don’t show that much creativity, and overused captions (think: ____ vibes, or cotton candy skies) are oversaturated and nothing new. Here’s your chance to be creative – use it!

Be your own hype-man (or woman), even when promoting.

If you believe in something, put it out there. Be your biggest hype-man/woman. You’re giving people a chance to engage with content you care about when putting it out there on social media, so be proud of it. Let them get to know you, let them get excited to know you. If you believe in it, that spirit will resonate with them through the post.

Use community management to combat the Instagram algorithm.

Get in the mix with your audience. If you’re trying to avoid paying for promoted posts, engagement is key in making sure you stay visible. The more you’re responding to comments, commenting on and liking other people’s photos, the more you’re getting in the mix. This means your content will then in exchange be exposed to more people, and your engagement and growth will continue upwards organically.

Social is the quickest, fastest, most direct, authentic way to reach your audience.

With your social, you are in control of the narrative. You get to tell the story, so make sure what you’re putting into the world is what you really want to share with your followers. Go in and find other brands that resonate with you, engage with them, comment, join in on the conversation. Stay active, stay relevant, and share your true self. Don’t just look at number of followers, look at what people are saying. Do they care? Does it matter to them? Be real with your audience, because in the end you want to be able to share your stories, beliefs, and passions with them.

See, we told you we weren’t being biased. She’s an expert in her field and we’re proud to work with such an awesome lady. Now check out the podcast on iTunes or at www.TheLadyGang.com !

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

Are you as obsessed with The Ladygang as we are? Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.


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Instagram Analytics Updates

Instagram Analytics launching last year has been a major game changer for businesses, bloggers, and pretty much anyone who has made the profile swap from personal page to business page.

Inside Instagram Analytics, you can see your profile’s overall impressions, reach, views, and more, as well as seeing those statistics for specific posts.

Today, Instagram updated their analytics for Instagram Stories. While these stats were available previously, they’re now located in a more obvious place, and include a bit more information. Don’t see the new stats yet? Updates are rolled out continuously, not hitting every account at the same time. Keep an eye out and your analytics will be updated soon.

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

Want to talk Instagram Analytics? Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.


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How to Get to 10k Followers on Instagram

In the world of digital marketing, it’s hard to ignore the importance of having a large following. Whether you are a brand, blogger or an individual user, more followers = more reach and impact. Maybe to you more followers simply means getting more likes on a photo, or maybe it means sale conversions and the livelihood of your business. No matter your motivation for growing your following, there are a few universal tips that will impact your account growth and help you get to the next level.

Have Good Content Consistently

I can’t say it enough, if you want to grow, you HAVE to have good content. More importantly, you have to have good content on a consistent basis.

What is good content? The short answer is that it depends on your brand & the audience that you are trying to target. But that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. A lot of times in the social media marketing world, people want the easy out. They want to spend a few minutes taking and editing some photos, just to throw them up and call it a “strategy.” The truth is, it takes a lot of work and a lot of time. You need to do a deep dive into who you are as a brand, who your consumer is and how they want to be spoken to. Once you dissect the characteristics of your company & your consumer, you use that information to develop an overall aesthetic & create content that is unique to you.

If you aren’t a content creator or don’t have any content creators on your team, you may have to outsource to creative individuals or photographers in your area. This is also a great way to establish relationships within your community and learn from industry leaders.

Good content is high quality photography, video with good lighting & sound or photos that involve your brand message. Good content doesn’t have to be professional photography nor does it have to be trendy, edgy, bright or anything specific. Good content is what represents you/your company and what engages your target audience. Here are some accounts we love with great content.

How often is consistent? Absolute minimum 5 posts a week. Enough said. Need to stay on top of it? Check out some content calendar ideas.

Get reposted by other accounts

A great way to grow is to target other brands & companies that you want to work with or are a fan of and create content they can use on their own social channels. Look at the style of their product shots & create images in the same style for your own account. Target brands who regularly regram fan posts & spend your time focusing on creating content for those brands. Learn how to make content that speaks to your brand voice.

Collaborate with people in your same space

Use the power of relationships & reach out to a few key people who you’d love to work with. If you have similar audiences, you can use each other to grow your accounts. Get together to create content or collaborate on a project that will be beneficial to both of your followers. Promote the project on both of your channels to reach a wider audience. For some ideas on how to collaborate with other accounts, check out our article on Creative Social Media Giveaway Ideas.

Instagram videos

Video is the fastest growing form of content online right now. I predict that within one year it will be absolutely necessary for every brand to have regular video content going up online if they want to stay competitive in the social space.  Also, Instagram currently highly favors video content and more regularly shares videos on the Discover page.


If it makes sense for you and your brand, Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and social channels. The great thing about this platform is that content has a longer lifespan. What will be forgotten in 48 hours on Instagram can live for months or even years on Pinterest. This is a great way to drive continual traction to your website or sales database.

Having 10k followers isn’t just all about the numbers, it’s also about the features. Instagram rolls out new features and updates to select accounts at a time. First, they will test out new features, such as the link to swipe up or the “Click to buy,” with a few select accounts, then usually with verified accounts, then business accounts with 10k followers or more. If you want access to certain features that may better help your sales growth or corporate reach, having 10,000 followers is important.


Written by our VP of Operations, Marissa Stahl.

Did you hit 10K? What has contributed the most to your growth? We wanna know! Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.

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