Interview with Katie Groover, Social Media Beauty Specialist at Revolve Beauty



Katie was guest interviewed by Digital Influencer + Brand Manager, Karina Spritze.

While there are new tools, companies, and applications popping up everyday that promise to leverage our business, there is an even more impactful element organizations tend to overlook: young women. The young women who tell stories and guide a brand’s vision with their own shopping expertise and fresh perspective that is often over-analyzed by those men in suits.  Meet Katie Groover, the Social Media Specialist for the newly launched REVOLVE Beauty, one the latest players to enter the beauty game.

Culture is not measured by the years spent behind your computer, and Katie is living, glowing proof. Her personal and professional love for lipstick and lashes has curated her voice to become the perfectly authentic Social Media expert that she is today at her REVOLVE Beauty desk. I chatted with my former Estée Lauder Companies colleague on how her love for beauty influences and is influenced by social media and her own career.

Tell us how you came to be at REVOLVE Beauty?

After becoming a cosmetologist in 2010, I went straight to work. I’m one of those people who had two jobs and knew I needed more than a license to get clients, so I began assisting. The first opportunity I had was to do hair and was lucky enough to be taught by a North American Hairstyling Awards winner Ryan Teal. Shortly afterwards, I began to to assist a National Artist for Bobbi Brown. She was an amazing mentor and can be credited to teaching me all of the fundamental elements of a beauty career: stay creative, never stop learning + always do your best to make your clients feel their most confident.

When I was a junior in college I met Patricia Pantino, the VP of Sales and Education at Too Faced Cosmetics, and had a chance to interview for the first ever Pro Team at the company. This led me to having my work published online for Rachel Zoe, Too Faced Cosmetics, Vogue, Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom.

When my final semester of school rolled around, I began interning in the Social Media Department. I cherished working for Esteé Lauder, but after 2.5 years, it was time to take on something new.  I started at REVOLVE this year and was drawn to their amazing brand that is always on the forefront of fashion and who now has an unbelievable beauty offering! From cult-favorites to the newest products on the market, they really do cater to every beauty buyer. I cannot wait to see where we are able to take this new venture.

How did your love for makeup and beauty begin?

My love for the beauty industry began with my older sister who introduced me to the world of makeup and bought me a selection of Kevyn Aucoin books. I was really inspired by how something so small, like lipstick or an eye shadow, could make you feel amazing and allow you to be creative every day. From that day, I had my eye set on being involved with either hair or makeup. When I was in high school I was a receptionist at a salon in Orange County and had a chance to see stylists put their creativity to work with their clients. The time spent watching my peers really lead me down this path.

How did you transition your makeup skills into a social media career?

When I worked as a National Pro Artist for Too Faced, I had an amazing mentor who allowed me to intern for her in the Social Media Department. I really got to see how useful my cosmetology background was by speaking on behalf of the brand about their products and how it helped our fans find makeup that really fit their lifestyle. I was able to build stories around conversations and what fans needed, rather than just pushing products. I think that really helped the Instagram account grow and lead to more fan engagement.

How important is your own social media presence to elevate relations and career opportunities?

I think that having a presence that is authentic to who you are is the most important. It is great to have a curated page, but I think people (myself included) want to see more than a highlight reel and want to see what you’re inspired by and who you really are in life.

How much influence do social media platforms have on you personally?  What was the last thing you purchased that you discovered on Instagram?

Well this isn’t a surprise, but a lot! I feel really inspired on social and love that it connects you creatively with people all over the world. One person I religiously follow is Desi Perkins – I love her travel tips. The last thing I bought was this amazing makeup case from one of her Youtube videos that holds all of your beauty essentials – which I have a lot of!

Any new brands you’re excited about?

YES! For skin care, I finally found a scrub that I just simply can’t be without, the Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Advanced Ruby Crystal Powder Scrub. Our REVOLVE Beauty Buyer, Kandice Hansen, told me about this amazing ruby powder and I can honestly say my skin had never been softer in my life! A few other brands are Lovewellness, Dr. Barbara Sturm, N:P Beautiful, and Viseart.

We constantly are scrolling through content.  What are brands whose social media content you’re obsessed with and why?

There are so many amazing pages + creatives out there, but there are a few that come to mind for very specific reasons:

  1. REVOLVE: I love their main account for fashion and the newest trends. I feel like you get to see how to wear or incorporate pieces in your closet that I would have never pieced together on my own.
  2. Glossier: I really like their page because they often show off the everyday girl and have easy how-to’s for product application.
  3. Violette: She is the Beauty Director at Estee Lauder and I love to follow her instagram page because it’s full of life, color and very authentic.
  4. Fenty: I mean who isn’t, but they just create AMAZING work. Their videos are insane, they have fabulous artists and create an encompassing space that shows off all skin tones + genders.

You have a lot of responsibilities in your new role.  What is your morning ritual that prepares you to take on the day ahead?

The number one thing I do is always try to catch up on emails and content at night so my mornings are for myself. The first thing I do is grab my Peter Thomas Roth eye patches from the fridge and have a glass of lemon water. I walk my dog and then choose my playlist for my drive to work. Before I leave, I always look at my schedule so I can plan my outfit based on what I am doing and who I’m meeting with. Once I get to work, I review my to-do list and do my best to complete those tasks prior to checking my email. I feel the most productive when I have a list because it feels so amazing to knock things out!

There are many entrepreneurs working from home and managing their own social media accounts.  What advice can you give them?

There are a three things that I think are key to starting a new brand + IG:

  1. Testing content consistently and really getting to know your customer. In the beginning, it can be very scary but don’t let that stop you from following your dream of having a successful brand. How can you get to know your customer? Test content with them. Content is a beautiful thing, so make sure to dedicate time and thought into what you are posting.
  2. Use different types of Influencers to see who your customer relates to. Talk to them + engage on their pages. Do things to set yourself apart and you will succeed.
  3. Lastly, I would recommend investing in community management. I used to do this in my previous role and would get the sweetest messages back from fans who’d tell me how much it meant for them to be noticed. Your customers matter and you should always keep them as your focus. Lastly, always remember that you don’t need to have a ton of followers – your engagement might be the same as a bigger account and that’s what really matters.

Of course, we can’t let you go without some recommendations.  What are your top 10 must-haves from REVOLVE Beauty?

Kevyn Aucoin Lash Curler 

Viseart Neutral Mattes

Ouai Memory Mist

Sunday Riley Good Genes

Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Advanced Scrub

Dr. Barbara Strum Face Cream

RMS Beauty Within Probiotic + Prebiotic

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Gel Eye Patches

n:p beautiful Hair Dryer


Karina Spritze is a guest contributor. She is a Social Media Strategist and brand visionary. She is a proud Angeleno and loves advocating for more diversity and inclusion in media & arts by engaging community and teaching workshops for small business owners. Learn more about her work on her blog, Overdressed LA.

Let us know how Katie’s tips work out for your blossoming beauty brand. Tweet us at  @SOMETHINGSOCIAL or tag us on Instagram- @SOMETHINGSOCIAL.


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You’ve identified your top potential employers, updated your resume, and written a bomb cover letter. But the legwork is not quite over. It’s time to get social. We’re delving in to our top tips to make sure your social media presence is as employer-ready as your CV is. Let’s get to it.

Step 1: Do A Deep Dive + Delete

As much as we want to project an authentic version of ourselves on social, there are some grey areas to keep in mind as to what’s considered hireable. When it comes to alcohol related content, ask yourself, “is this cute?” and “is it necessary?” Don’t freak. Cute pics from your girl gang’s wine tasting are probably safe. The late-night pics are the ones that need the boot. Treat your social like your SO’s parents are looking at it. Anything you have to justify with context either needs to be reposted to a Finsta account, archived, or deleted.

If you’re applying to a creative role where your personal brand/aesthetic is distinctly different than the brand’s, consider steering your aesthetic in a more on-brand direction either temporarily or permanently. Your feed is a great way to show your potential employers what you can do, and they will be looking. Check out Later’s tips on Optimizing Your Instagram Portfolio.

If your potential employer is conservative and your ability to curate a digital presence is pretty irrelevant, consider going private, at least during the hiring process.

Step 2: Update Outdated Info

It’s important to keep your digital presence up-to-date, but we know it’s easy to fall out of habit especially on your lesser-used platforms. This is the perfect time to dust off those neglected platforms and do a quick tidying. We’ve made a checklist for you:


  1. Update your profile picture to something more professional. This does not need to be a professional headshot, but your appearance should demonstrate your personality and encourage your potential future co-workers to want to get to know you.
  2. Update your current and past job titles and companies. No need to include responsibilities on this platform, though adding a link to your portfolio is a nice touch if you have one! (And you should, more on that in a different post.)
  3. Make sure your bio is short, sweet, and casual-but-goal-oriented. This does not need to be a mission statement, we want you to keep it simple.
  4. If you’re keeping your account public, hide anything from your Timeline you wouldn’t want your employer to see. (We’ll let you decide what needs to go.)

Step 3: Take a deep breath, and log-in to LinkedIn

This portion is going to take the longest because it is hands-down the most important platform to focus on. Your LinkedIn is the first thing a recruiter looks at when considering you as a candidate, so it should be given just as much attention as your resume. Let’s start at the top.

Profile Photo

Your LinkedIn profile pic needs to be the most recent professional photo taken of you. Sure, you can use an iPhone if you really have to, but please put on a work-casual top and turn on Portrait Mode.

Cover Photo

Yes, really. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it shouldn’t be a low-res screenshot of some flowers, either. Keep in mind what colors are featured in your profile photo, and then create a graphic from there. Not skilled in Photoshop? Use a easy graphics creator like Canva to get yourself sorted.

Headline + Summary

These should be married but should NOT be the same. Think of your Headline as clickbait for recruiters while your Summary emphasizes why you’re qualified. Be sure to include major accomplishments, especially ones you can back up with facts and figures. Here’s an example:

Headline: Marketing, Publicity, Content Creation

Summary:  Well-rounded creative in the Publicity, Social Media & Marketing, and Content Creation realms. Able to wear multiple hats & manage many different types of tasks. Extensive Social Media Experience with Something Social, working with over 65 brands & clients in the lifestyle space.

To find more about my work, please visit my website: [enter URL].


Make sure this reflects the career shift that you’re looking to make, not necessarily the position you hold now.


Upload any key pieces here. First and foremost, your resume and then follow that up with any high-quality work sample you want recruiters to focus on. This includes portfolio PDFs, a video reel, you name it. We suggest you use this space to give employers a generalized taste of the work you’re capable of creating. More specific project samples are going to come later.


Each entry should include your title, company, and the dates you were employed, but the most important part is something way too many applicants skip over. The power of your LinkedIn profile lies in the description and the attachments you include for each entry.

Descriptions are tough to write, but you’re in luck because there are people who literally get paid to write these for you. Open a word doc and copy the bullet points that apply to your current and past responsibilities. Slightly re-write them, then throw them into your entries. Your most recent three positions should have at least three bullet points, the older ones should have at least two. Make sure your sentences begin with active verbs (managed/activated/analyzed/collaborated). For past positions, use past-tense, for current positions, use present-tense.

You know that part underneath each LinkedIn job entry where you can upload files or attach links? It’s an opportunity to create a super clickable digital portfolio for recruiters to quickly peruse. The easier you make a recruiter’s job, the quicker that shiny new job offer will land in your inbox.

Our Brand Communications Manager, Kaeleigh, previously worked in the film industry and as a result, her profile is a great example of how to use this feature. Check her out here.


This is not a college application and as a result it is not the time to lie about all the “volunteering” you’re doing. If you’re not actively volunteering, that’s not going to negatively impact your ability to land a job, but lying will.

If you do have experience, however, go nuts! Employers want to know what’s important to their prospective hires, so this is a nice way to present the full picture of who you are, especially if you’re a recent grad or are light on the work experience.

Skills & Endorsements

Start this section by making sure everything that’s listed on your resume is listed here. Delete any duplicates because you will get capped with the number of skills you can have listed. (For example, you don’t need “Photoshop” and “Adobe Photoshop.”) Then do a little research.

Look at the jobs you’re the most interested in applying for and make sure your listed skills line up. Having the LinkedIn Premium feature really helps with this, so if you’re considering upgrading during your job hunt, definitely do. #notsponsored

Once you’re done filling up your skills sections with all your amazing talents, get some of your friends to endorse the heck out of you and be sure to do the same for them.


This one is pretty easy but might require some following up. Reach out email via to people who would give you a glowing recommendation. Not just past bosses, but coworkers, colleagues, professors, etc. Once they agree to write you a  recommendation, send them the request through LinkedIn and wait for the ego-boosting to begin!

Written by our Brand Communications Coordinator, Kaeleigh Morrison.

Did we miss something? Keep us in the loop on your job hunt. We wanna know where you end up! Tweet us @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial and let us know what’s up.

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How To (Actually) Work From Home

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As social media marketers, our industry is designed for the mobile experience, so our work is easily translatable to the working-from-a-Bali-bungalow life. (We don’t, for the record, live in Bali.) We’re using our expertise to break down the do’s and dont’s of the home office and how to unplug once the work day’s done.

“I prefer to work on my own schedule. Sometimes that means a strict schedule with a to-do list and other times it means laying in bed and working after dinner. I consider it a successful day when I go to sleep knowing that I’ve set myself up for success tomorrow.

I love the inspiration that can come from having my own schedule. Working in a creative role, it’s easy to get bogged down with things that need to be done in the office. When I’m working from home I feel like I have more freedom to go for walks, talk to people, and calm my mind which all help get the creative juices flowing.”

“When working from home, I start my day early and sit on the couch, and usually stay in the same spot most of the day. It’s just nice to have your own space and feel comfortable. It’s usually straight from the bed to the couch. I get into comfy clothes and wash my face so I feel refreshed.

My breaks are usually centered around food, so I’ll either take a break to grab lunch, or go around the corner for a coffee. It’s just 15 minutes to get my body moving and do something that helps me finish the day strong.

Working from home is definitely easier when you work for someone vs when you’re self-employed. When you work for someone you have a concrete set of tasks and deadlines that you have to create for yourself when you run your own business. So there are definitely pros and cons, but it’s an amazing benefit.”

“I love having systems (such as Asana) and figuring out systems for communication, but I also like having the comfort of working in my own home, and not wasting time getting ready or commuting.

Since I don’t have to worry about getting ready and commute time, I like to enjoy a cup of coffee and sometimes read or write before I start my work. When I start feeling cabin-fevery I’ll step outside and I like to walk to get lunch. Try switching it up and working from a cafe if you crave human interaction.

As a graphic designer, sometimes the team has a difficult time expressing what they want visually, so I encourage using a screen sharing software to help with this.”

“I prefer a structured work schedule because I think it gives you boundaries. It is very easy to lose work-life balance when you have a looser work schedule. A structured schedule allows me to clearly designate time for myself.

I need to be sitting at a desk or a table with a green tea. I can’t get any work done lying in bed. I’m not very good at curbing distractions, but I know that when I have a project that I am passionate about, I am not easily distracted.”

Some things to consider before you go remote:
  • Do you prefer structure or a looser work schedule?
  • Is your work easily communicable via calls and emails?
  • What does your ideal workspace look like?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Do you work better in a communal or solo setting?
  • Do you have access to a workspace that’s free from distractions?
  • How could you benefit from working from home?
Resources for Remote Workers:
  • Asana – Task Organization & Communication App
  • Slack – Communication Tool, Blends with Asana perfectly!
  • Harvest – Time Tracking App, lots of plugins to make tracking seamless!
  • The Muse’s Templates – To move the WFH conversation from the watercooler to your boss’s inbox
  • AngelList – Job board targeted towards startups, great “remote jobs” search feature

Written by our Brand Communications Coordinator, Kaeleigh Morrison.

Recently joined the work-from-home workforce and have some tips to share? Tweet us  @somethingsocial or hit us on the ‘gram – @somethingsocial.

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