Making Instagram Your Oasis

Social media participation has become part of the average person’s daily life and part of their subconscious routine. According to Hootsuite’s Instagram statistics for 2019, Millennials under the age of 25 use Instagram for 32 minutes each day. But it is overly optimistic to assume that everyone enjoys entering their social media spiral. People often report social media being unhealthy and creating unrealistic expectations.  However, Something Social is here to teach you how to implement a social media strategy to control and elevate your feed. We want you to put your phone down feeling refreshed and informed about the world around you, the people who inspire you, and the industry you contribute too. We know you are going to check it, so at least make it worth your time! 

We are breaking down the essential steps to elevate your feed and revitalize your social media experience. 

Refresh Your Following. 

Don’t let strangers and long lost acquaintances fill your feed! Allow yourself to hit unfollow and feel the delightful pleasure of a clean Instagram feed filled with family, friends, and sources of inspiration. Too often, the point of Instagram is lost upon the politeness of a mutual follow – when, in reality, Instagram should be serving you! By filling your feed with worthy content, you start to get more out of each “like” and “comment.” A helpful tip to avoid “unfollow anxiety” is to hit that mute button. Yes, There is a mute button on Instagram, and it is serving your wildest dreams. By turning a profile on silent, you are cleaning your feed without potentially insulting someone with an unfollow.

Revive Your Feed.  

You’ve already lowered your following number, and now its time to curate your Instagram into the perfect sanctuary. We encourage you to step past your fabulous friends and loving family but use Instagram as a way to stay informed about the world around you. 

Step 1: We encourage you to follow the C.E.O’s or founders of companies you admire. These business moguls are a refreshing source of inspiration and almost always, have highly curated feeds (duh!). It’s also always a good idea to be informed about your industries current events for networking – and this is a great and easy way to stay in the loop. 

Something Social’s favorite C.E.Os to follow are: Goop’s Gwyneth Paltrow, Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe & Ban.Do’s Jen Gotch

  • Step 2: You can take your involvement in your business’ sphere one step further. Pay attention to companies that lead the industry you are interested in and find them on Instagram. There are instagram accounts and communities for just about anything from cryptocurrency to high fashion to luxurious travel. We encourage you to follow the companies themselves to fill your feed with cutting edge content. 

Something Social’s favorite accounts for social media education are: Sprout Social, HubSpot & Google

  • Step 3: News sources have utilized Instagram to give their users an even more consistent way to stay informed about current events! So take advantage of it! Whether you care about global news or also want to keep up with celebrity headlines, allow your feed to do this for you. This method of catching up with the news will encourage you to see different perspectives all in one space. With these simple follows, you’ll put down your phone feeling more educated about the world around you. 

Something Socials’ favorite news accounts are the: @Nytimes, @TheSkimm & @IntoTheGloss 

Reawaken the Formula 

Your Instagram is finally a perfect oasis. Each post you scroll through is entirely applicable to your interests and life focus. Now it’s time to let the Instagram algorithm take it from here! By simply liking and commenting on your feed’s photos, the algorithm will show you similar topics in your feed, and your explore page. By interacting with Instagram, it will serve you further. 

Lastly – R E L A X 

Social media is supposed to be fun and useful to you! You shouldn’t shut off your phone off and feel weighed down by your time spent on social media; instead, you should use it in a smart and impactful way. Follow people in your everyday life, concepts you are interested in, and people that inspire you! Through using these simple steps, we hope we can help you create a healthier and more beneficial relationship with your online sphere. 

Written by our Creative Intern, Vineta Rendler

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