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Another year in the books. 2019 has been a big year for Something Social. We’ve landed some incredible new clients; Waldorf Astoria, Squeeze, and Jen7 Jeans to name a few. We doubled in size, promoted from within, and grew our team into a company servicing clientele in diverse industries including lifestyle, hospitality, food and bev, beauty, fashion, and more. But enough about us. Read on to dig into the year from our team’s eyes.


Every year for the past few years I have picked a word at the New Year to center my year around. Past words have included “Bold” and “Courage.” Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes it backfires, but it is a nice intention at the start of the year. For 2018, I picked the word “me.” I started the year by buying a new bed and re-doing my bedroom, something that I had been wanting to do for a long time. That set me up on the right track of putting my needs and self first.

I think I was successful for the most part in following through with my intention, I took two trips that I’ve been wanting to do for years, joined a film organization that I’ve been wanting to be a part of for a long time and made a point weekly to make time for myself and things that I wanted to do- usually exercise or spending time with loved ones. I haven’t picked a word for 2019 yet, but a good friend gave me the idea of picking a new mantra every week.



What helps me stay on track with my goals is having someone else invested in those goals to keep me on my toes and hold me accountable. I normally have a hard time staying consistent with exercise. What really kept me going was buying a monthly package where I’m penalized for not showing up! However, this also causes some extra stress, so I’m not sure if that’s how I want to go about it next year. I think the key to success is finding something you love so I may try dance for physical activity this year!

For 2019, I plan to release a full EP (5 songs) at the top of the year, getting back into an exercise regimen, as well as completing my ergonomic workstation!


In 2018, I wanted to travel somewhere (near or far, just outside of LA) at least once a month. There were a few months I didn’t get out but all in all I went to at least 12 places outside of LA this year! I also became very conscious of how good it felt to change up my routine and started saying “yes” more often.

In 2019, I’d like to continue traveling and spending weekends away. I’d also like to finally get some personal projects out in the open. I’ve been working on them for what feels forever and just lagging – it’s time to make it happen!  No more excuses! Don’t talk myself out of opportunities! Say yes to everything and learn as I go.

I get inspired by Free + Native, Gala Darling, Jen Sincero’s books, my amazing, talented friends… I’m sure there are a million more but what has really helped was cleaning out my IG,  unfollowing, and muting things and people I don’t want to see. Now it’s full of spiritually inspiring words, dreamy places, and positive vibes. VERY important when a huge part of your job is to be on Instagram!


In 2018, I wanted to find more balance between my work and personal life, knowing when to put the phone down and unplug. I definitely want to continue working on this in the new year, perhaps setting specific intentions for how I can unplug and find that balance. I think I can benefit from realizing that I’m only one human and I can only do my best effort.

Goals for 2019:

Not being on my phone for the first and last hour of the day

Travel more (I’m big on quick weekend trips but I haven’t left the country since I graduated college!)

Continue to improve my health & fitness (I know, how cliche of me)

I am newly obsessed with this Australian Youtuber who’s channel is ‘Sarah’s Day‘. She is all about balance, doing what feels right for YOU, and living the best possible life you can. She’s been a huge inspiration for me – thanks to Caitlin for getting me hooked.


In 2019 I will make travel a bigger priority in my life. In the past few years it’s been really difficult for me to find the time to get away, even though it’s something I’ve been wanting to do. Even if it’s getting away for a weekend in Santa Barbara or Big Sur, or exploring a new destination once a quarter, I will make concrete plans in the upcoming year to make this resolution a reality.


I actually didn’t have any resolutions going into 2018, but I definitely will going into 2019! Mainly, in the New Year I want to focus on bettering myself. Whether that is by getting more sleep, exercising more often, taking more time to travel, or simply focusing on the positive in situations that would normally frustrate me. Basically just to consistently be a well-rounded human! I would also like to eat more ramen in the new year because it’s delicious. I’ll let you know how it goes!


My resolutions tend to always revolve around maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I want to eat better, sleep better, workout more, and so on and so forth. While I wouldn’t say I’ve adhered to that very strictly this year (it’s been a whirlwind, let me tell you), I do think I’ve been better about not beating myself up when the setbacks happen, which is definitely something.

I could have made myself more of a priority. Like most people, my mental, physical, and emotional health tend to be the first things to go by the wayside when I’m busy or stressed. Definitely still a work-in-progress where this is concerned, but I think I’m slowly getting there.

In 2019, I think I’d like to continue striving for a wholesome, well-balanced lifestyle as well as work on being able to ride the waves of life as they ebb and flow. I get so uninspired when things get monotonous but tend to fight off any change that comes my way. I’m a paradox, there’s no denying it, but the first step is acknowledging your problems, right?

I’ve been on a big documentaries kick this year. The ones I typically go back to when I need inspiration are “Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things,” and oddly enough, “Floyd Norman: An Animated Life,” which centers around the life and career of one of the first Disney animators. Both films highlight individuals who have successfully mastered the qualities I’m trying to emulate, and I find it very compelling.


In 2019 I want to become proficient in graphic design using the Adobe Creative Suite. I also want to start investing and really take hold of my financial future! I’ve already started by downloading programs like Skillshare that really walk you through programs like Photoshop. I am pretty good at holding myself accountable, but it helps to structure specific times to work on your goals. For example, I have started designating Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings for learning graphic design.

Interviews by our Brand Communications Coordinator, Kaeleigh Morrison.

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