Foster Mental Wellness: At Work & At Home

The financial demands of living with the weight of student loans and aspirational goals of achieving career successes and a securing a work-life balance is tough. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and overworked.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called stress the “health epidemic of the twenty-first century,” estimating that work-related stress costs American businesses $300 billion annually in sick leave. Though WHO cites poor management and heavy work loads as the main causes of work stress, it is important to create a regimen that enables you to recoup from these stressors.

We interviewed a few hustlers working in the notoriously exhausting (but rewarding!) entertainment industry to get a grasp on their personal de-stress regimens. Try introducing the following into your busy schedule. We promise these little tips might become your new saving grace for productivity, mindfulness, and contentment.

At Work

Leave your desk and go for a short walk.     

We like to break up our work day with walks around the neighborhood. Find a relaxing walk surrounding your office, or walk to a park and enjoy the sun! Too busy to step away from your desk? There is always something to be done at Something Social, so one of our account coordinators likes to use these walks as time to focus on more relaxed daily tasks such as outgoing engagement or brainstorming. This promotes circulation, vitamin D absorption, and energy levels while combating depression. If you really can’t step away, try doing push-ups or planks or squats in the copy room. One assistant says this helps him “calm the nervous system and diminish the release of cortisol and the fight or flight response.”

Practice breathing exercises

Whether it’s steady, eyes-closed meditation or simply turning your attention inward on your breath, studies have shown practicing deep breathing steadies blood pressure, releases toxins, and strengthens ab muscles. (Score!) But like drinking water or taking your birth control, the little things can be difficult to remember in this busy life. A social media manager at The Television Academy recommends getting Siri’s help. ”No joke I have an alarm that goes off at 3pm everyday that says BREATHE. So I’ll count to 6 while breathing in. Hold 2 seconds, and then let it all out. It helps me recenter. It’s a way for me to show up for myself. If I don’t show up for myself first, I am in no position to show up for my boss, or friends or dating life.”

Create encouraging reminders to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Every job has it’s harder moments, but it’s important to remember why you’re in this business! A Talent Assistant at CAA has “a Smile folder where I put work emails that either make me happy/laugh or remind me why I do what I do.” She recommends printing out some fun images to hang up at your desk or cubicle to keep you in good spirits during tough times. She sent us this Buzzfeed list of silly alpacas to get you started. We can’t deny it beats the end of day blues.

An Executive Producer at TNT likes to bolster his gratitude to get him through the tough times.“I try to focus on the better parts of the business: helping make good stuff better, and trying to help other folks out.” He sets reminders on his phone to push him to support those around him. “They say: “How can I support someone I know?” and “Remember that even the smallest projects [in this business] can touch thousands of people.” Those remind me to not get mired in the pain of pushing metaphorical boulders up the mountain every day.”

At Home


Unsurprisingly, this was the top suggestion! A showrunner’s assistant at CBS appreciates yoga to encourage physical mindfulness.“You have to focus on and be in your body, which for me really helps shed the stress of constantly checking your phone for calls, text or emails.” But this raved over exercise isn’t just for work week stress. “I also specifically love hot yoga because sweating that much really flushes you out, it’s actually great for hangovers.” Margs tonight, hair of the Downward Dogs tomorrow.

There are so many methods of yoga practice, it can be overwhelming to start. In addition to classes and videos, one assistant shared her nightly routine. ”I spend five minutes before bed doing just one yoga pose, but doing it for 5-10 minutes. It’s really taught me how to be present and focus on one task.” Try bringing your favorite pose or flow home with you tonight.

Experiment with creative activities.

Many of us in Los Angeles work in creative industries, so it seems natural that your go-to destressor might not be a creative outlet. You aren’t feeling creatively starved, after all. Several assistants encouraged doing creative work unrelated to your career path. Try practicing guitar, baking, or taking yourself on an Artist’s Date. An assistant at Sony suggests you “go to a museum, see a movie alone, or drive somewhere with some good tunes.”

Play video games.

Call it escapism if you want, but sometimes the best release is getting out of your head and into another’s. One coordinator recommends playing “games that are story-driven like What Remains of Edith Finch or meditative games like Journey or Flower.” Sometimes stepping away from the source of your stress is a great way to decompress. Think of it as a stay at home vacation in an infinite number of fictional universes! Stay tuned for our upcoming article on Fostering Mental Health Digitally. We’ll be introducing you to a few apps and games that might help you take the load off.

Schedule time for self-care.

Don’t just promise yourself you’ll do it. Schedule time for yourself so you’re less likely to blow it off for something your brain mind convince you is more important. This time can include incorporating a bubble bath or DIY spa day into your weeknights, enabling yourself to eat healthy, nutritious meals through meal prep planning or avoiding greasy takeout options, or remembering to drink water. A Production Assistant at Netflix uses essential oils and CBD oil drinks to combat symptoms of her mental health. “These have helped me to try and feel mostly human in some harder moments or unexpected bouts of anxiety and depression.”

Remember to sleep!

Arianna Huffington (CEO of The Huffington Post) is a HUGE advocate for getting adequate sleep. After years of over-exerting herself in an effort to keep up with her career, Huffington fainted from exhaustion at her desk. Literally! (She got five stitches for her broken cheekbone!) Now she has one of the most elaborate pre-sleep routines probably ever and we’re totally here for it. Check out her incredible Ted Talk here.  

Go off the grid.

As a social media management company this one is the most difficult but most important methods to implement. At home, be conscientious of your screen time. The virtual world is an incredible place, but it is also important to take time to be present.

Most Importantly

Mental Health goes beyond stress management. Make sure that you’re not only de-stressing, but also practicing good coping skills when you are thrust into the flames. It is difficult to keep calm in the midst of chaos, but this is a skill and should be practiced and honed as such!

And the most important to emphasize is that you seek help if and when you need it. One in five Americans experience a mental illness, and on average, Americans let Mental Illnesses go untreated for ten years. Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Choose yourself and prioritize your mental health.

Written by our Brand Communications Coordinator, Kaeleigh Morrison.

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When it comes to Instagrammable restaurants, Mediterranean is the mood of May. Bavel in DTLA’s Arts District and Kismet in lovely Los Feliz are our strong recommends. Each have their own distinct flavours and aesthetics, but you can get hummus at both. L’chaim.

The hottest rooftop spot this month is hands-down The Rooftop by JG at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. Jean-Georges Vongerichten has crafted the perfect summer menu featuring Latin American and Southeast Asian flavors, and the view is killer.

Our favorite experiential spots for the month are coastal. Venice’s Artists and Fleas Market and Santa Monica’s beachside pearl, Tongva Park. Each boast the relaxed and beachy lifestyles of their respective neighborhoods.. Read on for the details.

Bavel – Arts District


From the masters that brought you Bestia, here is the Mediterranean marvel, Bavel. The decorators of this space did not miss spring’s sunny yellow memo. The cushions are velvety and the booths perfectly mid century. A mosaic of fish tail tiles stripe the floors, expanding the space. Perfect, because #ihavethisthingwithfloors. @baveldtla Images courtesy of @baveldtla

The Rooftop by JG – Beverly Hills

Perched atop the Waldorf Astoria, Jean Georges has taken the focus and ingenuity from the restaurant downstairs and raised it to the roof. With unparalleled skyline views, this Beverly Hills gem is our new favorite rooftop. The space is filled with a gorgeous smattering of decor that will pair perfectly with the outfit you’re rocking for the ‘gram. Hit this spot for likes as endless as the skyline. Come for the view, stay for the Lobster Burger with Yuzu Pickles (its Pharrell’s favorite). @therooftopbyjg Images courtesy of @therooftopbyjg

Kismet – Los Feliz


This subtle spot in Los Feliz lets your date night ensemble do the work. Their jeweled crispy rice was nominated Dish of The Year by LA Magazine and it’s beautiful. Plus, their desserts are stunning without being pastel and Instagram-obvious. @kismetlosangeles Images courtesy of @kismetlosangeles

Tongva Park – Santa Monica


Tongva Park is a gorgeous cluster of abstract sculptures, lovely fountains, native plants, interesting architectural features, and cocoon-like overlooks of the ocean. The space was transformed in the last few years by the same design team behind Manhattan’s infamous High Line. You’d never think this lush and rolling ecosystem, containing over 300 trees, was once a flat parking lot. Images courtesy of @laweekly and @michaelzazarino

Artists & Fleas – Venice

 Succulents, sweets, and seances, if you want it, Artists and Fleas has got it. This epic marketplace is decked with vendors selling all sorts of wares and services. Converted VW buses hawking vintage sunglasses and easy access to the Venice Canals make for the perfect Social Media Saturday. The market takes place every Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day along Abbot Kinney. @artistsandfleas Images courtesy of @artistsandfleas

Written by our Brand Communications Coordinator, Kaeleigh Morrison.

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We Got This For Your Mama: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Not all moms are the same, so why gift like they are? Your mom is special, so she deserves a gift that makes her feel that way. Scope our gift list below for hot tips.

Sara Happ Red Velvet Lip Scrub

This is the perfect Mother’s Day self-care gift. Sara Happ, the queen of lip scrub, has brought us all a mother’s day gift with the re-release of this popular collab. It’s basically the Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcake, just without the calories. No judgement if you also get your mom a box of cupcakes, just make sure to bring us some too.

Love Quotes Scarves

These versatile scarves are comfortable and beautiful. Sure, we’re gearing up for Summer, but these lightweight pieces can transition from a scarf to a beachy cover-up. Not only are you winning major daughter points with this purchase, you’re also doing an act of kindness. Twenty dollars from every scarf purchase is donated to the PowHERful Foundation to support young women on their goals of finishing college.

Facile Spa Day

Your mother’s skin has been through it all: sun, smiles, and smog. Maybe she complains about her wrinkles or maybe she’s a queen you’re eager to pamper. Facile is a one-stop shop for any and all skin needs. From acne to wrinkles, Facile has a cure for any skincare ailment. Treat your momma to a treatment at their convenient  spot in West Hollywood or at their new Pasadena location.

Bling Wipes

So your mother’s a diamonds gal. And you’re here for it. Except you’ve given her jewelry for the last, I don’t know, thirty(?) holidays and you’re ready to switch it up. Enter Bling Wipes. These simple, individually-wrapped jewelry cleaning wipes are easy to use and a breeze for travel. When you think about it, all her jewelry is going to be glittery again, so it’s basically like you’re re-gifting every accessory you’ve already given her. (Except the macaroni necklaces, these do not work on macaroni necklaces.)

Money On Honey

Your momma has a sweet tooth but she’s trying for restraint this year. Enable her love for chocolate with these yummy treats. Their caramel is cooked to perfection in classic copper kettles using honey instead of sugar or corn syrup, making this treat basically a vegetable. The brand carries a variety of flavors including Dark Chocolate Caramel, Dark Chocolate Brown Rice Crispy, and Roasted Peanut. Bonus: they’re available on Amazon, so you can ship at the very last minute.

Lauren Conrad “I got it from my mama” Tee

You got it from you mama, now get it for your mama. This tee by Lauren Conrad is super simple, and pays ode to the relentless generosity that your sweet mom brings to the lives of those around her. Each tee benefits the groundbreaking research of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and their cutting-edge work combating pediatric cancer, all while making sure families don’t pay a dime for anything. So spread that love your mama gave you and support St. Jude.

The Little Market “Love Your Mother” Tote

The Little Market released this collection of reusable burlap totes for Earth Day, but it’s just as applicable for this holiday, especially if your mama was an eco-friendly gal before it was cool. Each bag empowers female artisans at Corr Jute in Bangladesh, so not only are you saving the planet, you’re also stretching those feminist muscles.

Valleybrink Road

These curated boxes are filled with things your mother (and you) are actually going to want. In addition to a beautiful flower bundle, their Mother’s day box some with great gifts like Solstice Canyon almond butter, Bahen and Co dark chocolate, and McCreas Anisette caramels. They have same day and next day delivery which is a total godsend. This incredible flower boutique is mama-owned, so we’re naturally just so obsessed with watching her boys bloom on their Insta-Stories.

Kikori Whiskey & Yuzuri Liqueur

Kikori Whiskey is made with rice and fresh mountain spring water from Kumamoto, Japan. This lighter whiskey is so versatile across a range of flavor profiles. It is not an old fashioned whiskey, though it is great in Old Fashioneds! Try mixing momma some margs with Yuzuri Liqueur, a spirit made from the bright and gentle Japanese citrus, Yuzu. The company is focused on maintaining a balanced flavor profile and (so relatable) a work-life balance. Plus, the company is owned by the incredible Anne Soh Woods, so you can sip easy knowing you’re supporting a woman-owned business. Help mom find her balance and slip her a set of this duo distilled in alcohol heaven.

Written by our Brand Communications Coordinator, Kaeleigh Morrison.

What are you giving mama this year? Tweet us  @somethingsocial or tag us on Instagram- @somethingsocial.