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Our next #SomeoneSocial is actually three someones. If you don’t know them already, your life is about to change; meet Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin & Jac Vanek of The LadyGang. The LadyGang is a weekly (and bi-weekly, long story) podcast focusing on the honest & real experiences of Jac, Becca and Keltie. Each week, the three are joined by a celebrity guest for a raw and hilarious look at what life is really like under the bright lights of Hollywood. Get to know The LadyGang.

Introduce yourselves to us by telling us your favorite account to follow on Instagram and why.

Keltie Knight: @Pawnatic – they post the cutest dog videos all day long 🙂

Jac Vanek: @Pardonthyfrench – my FAVORITE doggo instagram.  She’s a three legged runt Frenchie and i think i would cry if i met her in real life.

Becca Tobin: Lately, I’ve really been into @GaryJanetti. He’s a comedy writer for television so he’s witty AF and his humor is right up my alley!

Tell us about the inception of Lady Gang – what made each of you want to start it and how has that initial idea grown since the beginning?

KK: Personally, I was so annoyed with auditioning and waiting for other people to decide my fate in Hollywood. I knew I needed to chance something in my life and career, but I didn’t know it would be this awesome, and become this big!

JV:  Keltie and Becca approached me with the idea of starting a podcast and a loose idea of our concept and structure.  This was before podcasts were a “thing”…the only podcast I had ever listened to was Serial. It was really good timing in my life because I was feeling stagnant with my business and honestly a little bit lonely, so a new collaborative project was exactly what i needed.

BT: Similar to what Keltie said…we were ready to be our own bosses. As an actress, I never felt in control of my own fate and that was scary. Now, not only are we in control, but we get to do something we absolutely love whenever WE want to!

How has social media grown the Lady Gang community?

KK: Being able to wrap our listeners in our FB group and instagram in between has been essential to our growth. I also love that we have a community we can ask for advice on what to do next, or what is working and what isn’t.

JV: Our social media, and especially our Facebook group, has been an absolute game changer.  They are our focus group, our sounding board, our biggest fans and even our harshest critics (which we definitely need to keep us in check sometimes).  And I have even met some really good friends through there.

BT: The LadyGang wouldn’t be what it is without social media. Social media makes it possible for us to connect with the community and for them to connect with each other. That communication is why the LadyGang is so strong!!

Where do you want to see the Lady Gang in the future?

KK: I’d like to be able to hire a staff so that we can just focus on doing as many shows and tours as we can.

JV: We started the LG with the idea of turning it into its own powerhouse.  So whether that be through writing a book, going on tour, creating a wine, etc…we want to do it all!

BT: World domination.

What is your favorite way to engage with your audience?

KK: Obviously when they see me out in public and say hello and make me feel super famous!

JV: Again, i just love our Facebook group so much.  It’s so easy to keep in touch and engage with our community on a level where we are all equals.

BT: the LadyHang was my favorite way we connected with our audience! Putting faces with names and getting to feel the energy of the group was incredible. It’s a group of badass bitches!

As the community grows, are there any challenges that have come up?

KK: We ask everyone in our community to be kind, and that’s tough. Everyone has a different idea of that. Women are passionate beings and as our gang gets bigger and bigger we have to moderate our socials more closely.

JV:  With success comes haters and trolls in this day in age (and maybe a few LadyBoxes being burned).  You can’t please everyone, so we just have to stay true to ourselves, be kind, and keep doing our thing.

BT: The more popular we get, the more criticism we receive. Hillary Kerr (of Who What Wear) once said on our podcast “you can’t be everything to everyone” and nothing has felt more accurate. Some girls may totally relate to a comment you make, and some girls may take total offense to it. But, that’s the risk you take when you put yourself out there like we have.

How has your career path changed from what you imagined it would be five years ago? How has social aided in that change?

KK: It’s been a blessing and a curse for me personally. Loving social and creating fun content has made me more in demand at my job, but in a world where ALL THAT seems to matter is your social following it’s really frustrating to be surrounded by people buying their followers AND likes.  

JV:  For sure.  Five years ago I was only focusing on my Jac Vanek brand and it was going in a completely different direction than it is now.  Today I am so grateful to have the freedom to work on other projects and expand my professional portfolio.

BT: I never would have been able to envision this career for myself in a million years! I always just assumed that I would be solely an actress, but social media and the podcast have given me this incredible platform to become a brand and not just an actress.

What apps would we see on your phone?

KK: I love shopping for house stuff on Charish, JotNot is a working girls savior, I listen to all my music and podcasts on Spotify.

JV:  I just deleted all of my dating apps (thank god) so now my most used app is Postmates.

BT: This may sound insane, but I try to eliminate the amount of time I am on my phone, so I’m not really an app girl.

Let’s be honest, who are you stalking?

KK: Mandy Moore’s instagram story of her home renovation is my life’s purpose.

JV:  All of the new Queer Eye guys!

BT:  My agent. To get me a job…

If you could photograph anything from anywhere in the world, what would it be?

KK: My husband Chris who is camera shy, and when I look for a picture of him I have to go back YEARS to our wedding photos. It’s very annoying.

JV:  I would absolutely love to see the Northern Lights.

BT: My dog and a pizza from the comfort of my bed.

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Written by our VP of Operations, Marissa Stahl.

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