#SomethingSignificant: Make March Matter

“To achieve a kinder world, we must approach kindness with ambition and dedication. We must practice it in every moment of our lives. Kindness is that important.” – Cleo Wade

Being kind is one of the greatest gifts you can give in this world. So that’s why every month we encourage you to find a cause near to your heart (we’ll always share ours) and get involved. Last March, we shared Make March Matter with you, and this year we’ll be highlighting it again. It’s a cause that is near and dear to our hearts at Something Social, and there are so many different ways to get involved.

A message from Make March Matter:

During the month of March, local businesses and communities near you will be taking action to support children’s health.

Each generous business below will give you a special way to support critical, life-saving and life-changing care for children who live near you by shopping, dining or making a donation.

Click here for a list of businesses participating in Make March Matter 2018.

There are also different events going on daily throughout the month – check them out here.

Some of our favorite ways to get involved…

Alfred Coffee: Throughout March, grab a cup of joe at Alfred Coffee and support Make March Matter. Alfred Coffee will donate $1 for every social media photo in front of their CHLA mural tagged with #MakeMarchMatter.

BOXFOX: BOXFOX is donating 15% of sales from their “New Family” box to support CHLA’s Make March Matter campaign.

Emi Jay: Emi Jay will donate 50% of sales from featured products to support CHLA’s Make March Matter campaign.

Gelson’s: Visit Gelson’s during March and make a donation at the register to support CHLA’s Make March Matter campaign.

Written by our VP of Operations, Marissa Stahl.

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International Women’s Day 2018

March, a month of many things – the first day of Spring, Daylight Savings (we appreciate the extra hours of sunshine), March Madness and two of our favorites – Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. In the true spirit of a social media agency (Have you seen our Instagram? It’s what we do.), we wanted to share our favorite women online (and offline) with you!

Calli Cholodenko, Founder, @calli

@nikkilee901 and @riawna: They are my forever inspirations. I always check in on how I feel after spending time with someone, and after even a few moments with these two I feel joyful, empowered, strong, energetic and so much love. As businesswoman, they are passionate, driven and powerful. As co-founders, they are supportive, collaborative and humble. As friends, they are kind, caring and loving. As humans, they are thoughtful, generous and SO MUCH FUN.

Erin Dykstra, Account Director, @eedykstra

@veritewoman: Not only is the imagery breathtaking and inspiring, they live their words when it comes to supporting women. It’s my favorite digital space to find whatever I’m needing whether it’s a little inspiration, some words of wisdom, or my new favorite product.

Marissa Stahl, VP of Operations, @marissacstahl

@camilletrust: Camille Trust is an amazingly unbelievable singer based in NY. Having gone to high school together, I can truly say that she has always been crazy talented. I love following her account to see how much she has grown as an artist and keep up with all of the performances she does in NYC (she’s a regular at @sofarnyc so try to catch one of her shows.) PSA: her new single drops Friday; don’t miss it.

Taylor Walsh, Account Coordinator, @tayywalshh

@minimaliving: Her name is Kasia Bedzinska and she is a Polish blogger. Her account is just so lovely and clean. She only posts very simple things from her life, such as her breakfast or morning coffee in bed. The account just makes me feel so comforted and at peace!

Caitlin Taylor, Account Coordinator, @caitlinmiyako

@sarahs_day: Sarah is a fitness YouTuber I discovered a couple months ago and she is one of my favorite people on social media because she is SO uplifting and body positive. Her videos and content are always energetic and full of happiness, and I love the real spin she puts on fitness and holistic wellness.

@punodostres: This badass woman is beautiful, outspoken, and SO creative. She is the founder of @ilovecreatives and @peoplemap.co and always creates content that is simultaneously hilarious and inspiring. Puno is a reminder of what it means to be unapologetically authentic.

Nora Henick, Digital Specialist, @norahenick

@girlsatlibrary: I love reading, so combine book recommendations with reading about different women’s backgrounds and I’m sold. Girls at Library interviews women to learn about where they got their love of words from and why. I could read through the site all day.

Allison Gehrke, Art Director, @imalicegray

@s.ilver: I picked Lauren Tepfer because she first caught my eye with nostalgic colors and dreamscapes, but I stayed a loyal fan girl when I looked closer and found that she displays real rawness, documenting personal moments of strength and weakness. You can see the love she has for her city and friends through her photography.

Phoebe Schramm, Account Director, @phoebenicolee

@turboschramm: Raised by the smartest, most hardworking and loving woman I know. I hope to be half the woman she is Proud of my mama today and EVERY day!

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

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