#SomethingSignificant: Interval House


At Something Social, we believe what goes around comes around. We also believe in the golden rule (and something that’s arguably more important than the previous belief), treat others the way you want to be treated. So that’s why we started #SomethingSignificant. Every month, we’re share with you a new way to give back. Whether it’s volunteering at a local food drive, or spreading awareness about an issue close to your heart, your Something Social team is here to encourage you to do #SomethingSignificant.


A message from Interval House

Since 1979, Interval House has worked passionately to develop innovative programs that have been recognized with over 500 awards, including four Presidential Awards and four Governor’s Awards, citing Interval House as a “model” domestic violence program to the nation.

Interval House provides comprehensive domestic violence services in over 70 different languages to individuals and families in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

How to get involved:

You can donate here.

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

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#SomeoneSocial: Sophie Elkus

Introduce yourself to the Something Social LA community via your top three favorite Instagram accounts (any cute puppies and Instagram-friendly food accounts are welcome)!

@NikkiDeroest has the best product recommendations and skincare tips, @SaltandWind for travel inspo, and @Jooleeloren for hilarious and too-true illustrations (look her up!).

Your website and brand, Angel Food Style, is introduced as a personal lookbook of style upon its inception in 2013, but has since transitioned into a fashion and beauty destination with a partnership list that puts most to shame. Tell us about the start of Angel Food Style – what was your original intent with launch and what has changed the most throughout your business journey?

My original intent isn’t too far from where I am now, but it started on a MUCH smaller scale! I was a junior in college and wanted to dive into the fashion world, providing style inspiration to my friends and peers. I started taking photos of my outfits and wrote up articles on favorite runway shows at New York Fashion Week. I just wrote about whatever I liked – I didn’t care about criticism or whoever thought it was weird or self-promotional. I surprised myself with how fearless I was putting myself out there and blocking out initial noise. Now, I’m so glad I went for it.

These days the blog and all my social accounts are a real business like any other, and it’s become so much more organized and structured. I’ve learned so much about how to run a company, how to communicate with brands and pitch project ideas. Also, in the beginning I was putting out content by trial and error. Now, I have great feedback from my audience and their requests drive a lot of my content creation.

When you run an online brand, your voice is very important. We’ve seen a lot of discussion about the importance of staying true to your voice when taking on new clients/projects/sponsored content. Tell us about the Angel Food Style brand and how you maintain that across all social platforms, your website, and your work.

First and foremost, I write everything myself. It’d be impossible to run and grow a business alone, and I’m grateful to the women who contribute, pitch and manage me, and help with editorial creation. But, I make sure that all the content that goes out to my readers is written or edited by me. That personal connection with readers is important to create a level of trust. (Blogging aside, I’d recommend that teams who work together representing one client or one voice make sure to be on the same page about what the message and “who your girl” is to keep that trust with readers and consumers).

When I work with brands, I make sure to have full control over captions and tone of voice. It’s a tricky balance, because of course the brand has talking points they want to come across to make the partnership worth it on their end. Ultimately, I don’t want to feel like an #ad or a spokesperson – the goal is to sound like your girlfriend, recommending a product she’s used for years. My tone of voice is always friendly, sincere and approachable, but still put together and refined, and I think that’s how I am as a person too.

What advice can you give our readers who are looking to establish their own professional voice via social media?

The best thing you can do is “stay in your own lane” and use your own natural voice. Don’t compare yourself or your aesthetic and tone to others. We all do it, but where does it get us? I always remind myself to create and execute my own vision, not someone else’s. Of course it’s natural to take inspiration from other creators (I do that too!) but it’s not sustainable to try to mimic someone else’s voice and style.

If you’re having trouble finding your natural voice – forget about the impact of “social media” and just channel how you’d talk to a friend. Have a five minute conversation with someone and then ask them what your most impressionable qualities were – did you leave them noticing your innate sense of humor and comedic timing? A light sarcasm? A gentle sincerity or girl-next-door, down to earth tone? Whatever it is, run with that and be yourself.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

Cliché, but Chanel. Or Chloe, Stella McCartney… the list goes on.

If we looked on your phone, what apps would we see?

ClassPass, where I book most of my workouts; Poshmark; where I resell clothes, and of course a bevy of photo editing tools like Snapseed, Facetune and VSCO. Oh, and 2048, which is an addicting number game I’ll play on flights and can never seem to beat!

What are some of your favorite spots to do work in Los Angeles?

Such a great question, because I can be terribly unproductive at home. I like a little white noise and change of scenery. I’ll work from Zinque since their locations have comfy seating, great coffee and a relaxed ambiance. Or if I have meetings throughout the day, I’ll post up at Soho House.

What can we look forward to seeing in 2018 with Angel Food Style?

This year I’m focusing a bit more on beauty content. While fashion will always be my first love and where Angel Food Style began, I’ve really noticed a piqued interested in beauty content over the last year from readers so I’m intent on delivering that. There’s such an engaged community around beauty, from tutorials to seasonally inspired looks and product reviews. I can understand why – beauty is a unifying force. No matter your culture or background all women love to talk about beauty rituals; it goes back to the beginning of time! There’s no sizing or right or wrong way to do something, and anyone can recreate a makeup look or hairstyle so the beauty genre feels more welcoming in a way. I’m hoping to take it one step further and not just focus on traditionally outward beauty; but also inward – feeling good in your skin through healthy eating, living and connections with others . We’ll see where it takes me!

You can also expect to see more travel content, as I love putting together city guides and taking readers around the world with me. Also – the launch of a YouTube channel, finally!

Leave us off on a positive #SomethingSocial note – if you could Instagram anything from anywhere, what would it be?

In front of the Sydney Opera House, or at Paris Fashion Week… I’m manifesting where I want to be this year!


Interview by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

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Best Desserts for Your Valentine and Galentine

Here at Something Social, we’re connoisseurs of all things sweet. In case you don’t follow us on Instagram (which, hi, we post some good content over here), we’re here to let you in on our little secret. While you can definitely go out and get delicious treats, some of the best snacks we’ve had were made right here in the Something Social kitchen.

So what does that mean for you this February… and more specifically Chocolate Day, aka Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with Hallmark cards and subpar chocolates. Love movies and bouquets flowers. But instead of the traditional, this February 14th, we present you with delicious treats from superstar bakers that you can make (yes you!!!!) for your Valentines and Galentines.  

Rachel Mansfield Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Bars

Foodstirs Brownie Heart Sandwiches

The Yellow Table Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies with Oatmeal and Cinnamon

Special shoutouts to:

Lauren Lowstan, who makes delicious treats that you can order online if your baking skills aren’t something you’re proud of (it’s okay, we don’t judge).

Money on Honey; we really can’t get enough of you. Between all of the flavor options and the unique honey taste, you can’t go wrong.


Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

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Not Your Average Friday Night

Does waiting in a long line to get into an overcrowded bar where someone is inevitably going to spill their drink on you not sound like an ideal Friday night anymore? We’ve been there, done that, and understand. But just because you’re over the Friday night party scene doesn’t mean you need to give up on your Friday night out just yet. Within the city of Los Angeles (and maybe a bit outside of it), there are a plethora of activities you can do on the weekend to make your social life just as fun, sans the annoying guy at the bar that won’t stop hitting on you.

First Fridays at Griffith Observatory – All Space Considered

On the first Friday of every month, the staff at the Griffith Observatory host a free public program in the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon. Topics range from anything involving astronomy to space science, so make sure you come prepared to be amazed. It’s first come, first serve so make sure you get there with time to spare.

Cooking Class – Eatz

Cooking made easy (for those who may struggle like me). Eatz’s personal cooking classes take the form of a dinner party (see following suggestion for a Friday night), which means you get a hands-on experience with all of the eating included. Your classes include the following: a pre-made appetizer to get you ready to cook, fresh ingredients, wine pairings or cocktails made from scratch, recipes, and culinary tips.

Host a Dinner Party

Want to feel like an adult without the actual effort of adulting? Host a dinner party. It’s the perfect excuse to get all of your friends together, yet getting to stay in the comfort of your own home. Bonus points if you give it a theme (think: Clue) or require your guests to dress as if it’s a black tie affair. For some great recipes, check out The Yellow Table and Rachel Mansfield.

Board Game Night

The same amount of fun as a dinner party, without the commitment of cleaning the dishes after. Gather your friends at your place, their place, or even a coffee shop open late enough and break out the board games. Between Jenga and Sorry, we’re confident this is a great way to spend a Friday night.

Massage at The Now

Open until 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, The Now is your haven in Los Angeles for affordable massages without any corners cut. If you’re really looking for the perfect way to relax on a Friday, this is the way to do it.


No matter what neighborhood you live in in Los Angeles, it’s safe to assume that there’s a bowling alley somewhat nearby. A quick Google Search will let you know where the closest one is, and soon you’ll be on your way to wearing funky shoes and secretly wishing that they left the bumpers on your lane (or maybe that’s just a wish we have).


We’re a big fan of the staycation at Something Social (just check our Instagrams, you’ll probably see at least one of us at a hotel on any given weekend). And with a plethora of hotels in Los Angeles with amazing amenities, it’s hard to stay away. The trick for staycationing the right way? Do it with friends. It’s more cost effective, and laying in a hotel robe with a face mask on is always more fun with a friend right next to you.

The Last Bookstore

Here us out. Open until 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, The Last Bookstore is a beacon of hope in a world that no longer saves up their allowance for the Scholastic Book Fairs at school. Not into reading (though we recommend you give our favorite books a try)? That’s okay; they have records too. Grab a friend or go alone; your pick. But either way, let us know what you’re reading or listening to.

Peppermint Club

This isn’t your average Friday night club spot, but how can it be when it was started by a partnership between h.wood Group and Interscope Records? With live music every Tuesdays-Saturdays, a visit to Peppermint Club will most definitely feel like you’re treating yourself.


See a show at UCB! Right in the heart of Hollywood, the Upright Citizens Brigade offers a variety of shows every night. You’re guaranteed to laugh, smile, and definitely have a better time than if you just sat home.  


We’ll consider this one the start to your Friday night. Y7 – the yoga studio that adds a rap/hip hop twist to traditional yoga classes – offers a 7:00 pm yoga class on Friday nights! What better way to start your weekend than with a stretch and Drake?

Written by our Digital Specialist, Nora Henick.

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